Chiefs Are On The Clock

The NFL Draft is less than two weeks away and the top is starting to solidify.  The top 4, anyways.  The Kansas City Star’s Adam Teicher caught up with Mel Kiper who sees the Chiefs as being the first question mark.

“I do think the first four are pretty much set,” Kiper said.  “The only issue there is who does Detroit take at two because that obviously impacts Tampa.  The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will just sit there and take whatever player is left.  That’s usually a good spot to be in.  Let the other team make the call on who they want.

“Then it’s Kansas City.  You hear Bryan Bulaga, you hear Trent Williams.  I still go with the safety, Eric Berry.  They don’t have anything resembling a big-time safety, a free safety.   So, to me, Berry would be fitting in very well there.”

The Rams insist publicly they haven’t settled on Bradford. But at this point, drafting anyone other than Bradford, the 2008 Heisman Trophy winner, would only further enrage their rapidly dwindling fan base.

Next up are Suh and McCoy, or McCoy and Suh depending on the whims of the Lions.

Even before making the trade with Philadelphia for McNabb, new Washington coach Mike Shanahan wanted to repair a decrepit offensive line.  Only three teams allowed more sacks and only three rushed for fewer yards per carry last season.

It’s even more important for Washington to grab a lineman now after the trade for McNabb.  It won’t have another chance to grab a lineman until the fourth round.  The team traded its second-round pick for McNabb and lost its third-round choice last year.

Then come the Chiefs, who could reasonably go in any of several ways.  That makes Kansas City the place where the fun begins in this year’s draft.

It’s interesting to hear Kiper mention Williams in the same thought as Bulaga and Berry.  I think Williams and Anthony Davis from Rutgers are both slightly better options than Bulaga, but I’ve yet to hear their names connected to the Chiefs the way the others have been.

Once the Redskins traded for McNabb it appeared the Chiefs wouldn’t have a shot at Okung, but I still think they could be a wild card at No. 4.  With such a lack of picks, they would benefit more than most teams by trading back and there is also the uncertainty surrounding Albert Haynesworth.

So while the Chiefs might be “unofficially” on the clock, there is still plenty of time between now and the draft for a lot of things to change.

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