Haley To Keep Play-Calling In Muir’s Hands

For the time being, Kansas City Chiefs head coach Todd Haley is comfortable keeping his game day operation on offense unchanged.  Even though the offense struggled throughout the preseason and looked confused at times, Haley announced on Wednesday that offensive coordinator Bill Muir will continue to call the plays.

Haley was quick to point out that the process would involve the entire offensive staff.

“It’s a group contribution of what we like, where we like it and place that along the call sheet.  Ultimately it will fall to Bill to make those decisions.”

With Muir absent of any history orchestrating an offense on game day, it will be interesting to see how long of a leash Haley will keep him on.  After all, the Chiefs had a lot of success moving the ball last season and there was still friction between the head coach and then-offensive coordinator Charlie Weis.

If the Kansas City preseason struggles on offense drag too far into the season, expect the Chiefs most accomplished play caller, Haley, to take over for good.

For now, Haley says it’s what happens during the week scripting the game plan that is more important than the person making the ultimate call.

“We work real hard during the week at trying to get more and more comfortable with not only what we’re going to see defensively but almost just as importantly, what our guys do the best.”

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