Bill Muir To Call The Plays Friday Night

When the Kansas City Chiefs offense takes the field Friday night against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, offensive coordinator Bill Muir will call the plays and not head coach Todd Haley, quarterbacks coach Jim Zorn told the media Wednesday.

”Bill is calling the plays so he’ll be in the press box,” Zorn said.  ”I can tell you that.  I’m sure he will take some suggestions.”

Last season there was a lot of grumbling that Haley and former OC Charlie Weis could agree on a game plan and that his exit paved the way for the head coach to take over play calling duties.  After all, Haley made his name by directing the Arizona Cardinals offense to the brink of a Super Bowl championship while Muir in all his years in football has never been the primary play caller.

It’s important to note that Zorn didn’t say if this is the setup that the Chiefs are going to stick with going forward.  Haley has said in the past there would be no rush to go one way or another.

”If you make that decision too early, too fast, without enough thought, without enough evidence, then sometimes that can be more damaging than taking your time.  There’s no hurry on that decision.”

Even though it’s a preseason game that will feature a lot of players that will be nowhere near the Chiefs opening day roster, it will be interesting to watch Haley’s demeanor during each offensive series.  If you’ll remember, he would literally take his headset off at times last season.

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