Chiefs, Bowe Are “Fine” Again

After falling out of Peter King’s “Fine Fifteen”, the Kansas City Chiefs have once again made an appearance following their 31-13 win over the Arizona Cardinals.  One of the biggest reasons is Dwayne Bowe, who gets co-player of the week honors.

13. Kansas City (6-4).  It’s not hard to beat Arizona badly. But the one thing I like about what the Chiefs did against the Cards was extend offensive drives, and get a good, steady game from quarterback Matt Cassel.  He needs to link a few of those together.

Dwayne Bowe, WR, Kansas City

In catching a touchdown pass for the sixth consecutive game — the longest such streak of the 2010 season (and he ended up with two) — Bowe is trying to take away the hottest-receiver-in-football title from Roddy White. In those six games, Bowe has had two, two, one, one, two and two touchdown grabs.  His pair Sunday against Arizona keyed a 31-13 Chiefs win.

Just a reminder Chiefs fans, the team has not been forgotten by the national media, even though it would be hard to argue if they had.  After all, two brutal losses within the division after a skin-of-their-teeth victory over the Buffalo Bills will spook anyone.

With the offense getting a solid all around performance back under their belt, if they can carry that over to Seattle next week the Chiefs could be poised to start putting the division away at home against the Broncos and at San Diego.

More realistically this is likely going down to the last two weeks of the season, but anyone that thought a couple bad losses were washing away the equity this team built up out of the gate can put their fears to rest.  If they go off and lose to an uneven Seattle team, well that’s a different story, but for now there’s no reason to think we won’t see Kansas City pop up on a national game down the stretch.

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