Palko Wants To Be Treated Like Tebow

If you’re the Kansas City Chiefs and are going to face Tim Tebow on Sunday, how do you best prepare for a big, strong and athletic lefty quarterback?  By putting your big, strong and athletic lefty backup quarterback on the scout team of course!

No. 2 QB Tyler Palko has been one of several players head coach Todd Haley has used to play the roll of the Denver Broncos QB.  One of the reasons multiple players are needed is because Haley isn’t about to let Matt Cassel’s backup get hit in practice, something the coach said Palko disagrees with.

“Tyler is not happy about that. He thought I was questioning his toughness,” Haley explained on Wednesday.  “I had to let him know that I’ve got to look out for the team and he’s our No. 2 quarterback that has to be healthy.”

It’s great to hear that Palko brings that sort of competitiveness to practice, willing to play the Tebow role right down to getting destroyed by the defense.  But Haley has to protect his depth at QB and that has opened the door for another player that rarely sees the field for Kansas City: WR Jerheme Urban.

Urban has found himself inactive after seeing limited playing time in the first two games of the season, certainly raising questions about why the team would keep him on the roster.  Beyond giving the Chiefs defense a “Tebow” to tackle, Haley couldn’t say enough great things about how Urban helps the team’s younger receivers on game day, even though he’s in street clothes.

“This guy is a great teammate and he’s given us great leadership within the building and on the road.  That’s why you see him down on the sideline at all games because I think our receiver group really looks up to Jerheme and he does a great job of keeping them where they need to be.”

A high school quarterback, Urban allows the Chiefs defense to see a scout signal caller that can throw the ball and still lay into him when he keeps the ball.

This preparation for Tebow and the Broncos is a great way to shine a light on the guys at the bottom of the roster to see just how much everyone contributes during the week even if they have zero impact on Sunday.

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