Romeo Crennel Demotes… Romeo Crennel

The Kansas City Chiefs moved around responsibilities on the defensive side of the ball Monday. Head coach Romeo Crennel took away the role of defensive coordinator from himself and assigned that to linebackers coach Gary Gibbs.

Crennel has been criticized for trying to do too much and those criticisms have only grown louder as the Chiefs season crashed and burned to a 1-7 record.

“I’ve decided I’m going to spend more time with the whole team,” Crennel said on Monday while explaining the move. “And less time with the defense and see if that can make any difference in our team.”

Gibbs spent three years with the New Orleans Saints as their defensive coordinator and has been with the Chiefs for four seasons, but you have to wonder what kind of difference this really will have.

The Chiefs defense has been ugly at times, but unless Crennel’s extra time spent with the offense is going to somehow turn down the turnover rate, this team isn’t going to suddenly start winning. If anything, this is a move that should have been made long before the start of the season and during the bye at the very latest.

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