Chiefs Come Home Favorites

The Kansas City Chiefs may have lost two games in a row, but that isn’t stopping Vegas from making them a favorite for the first time this season.

Though the number could move depending on what happens tonight in Jacksonville between the Jaguars and Titans, the Chiefs are currently 4.5 point favorites.  Coming back to Arrowhead seems to be enough to make odds makers forget about the 21 points that the Texans hung on the Chiefs in Houston Sunday.

Anyone that is worried about Kansas City starting to “learn” how to lose again, just follow the money.  And if you are going to scoff, just look at how close most of the lines were around the league.  Just look at the Texans game, where the Chiefs were 4.5 point underdogs and lost by 4 points.

If the Jaguars lose to the Titans, they will come in with a one game deficit in their division, staring up at all three teams and desperate for win.  The best thing you can hope both from a gambling perspective and just a fan perspective is for Jacksonville to win tonight, thus taking the Jaguars a few steps away from “must win” territory.

Other than the division rankings, the other wild card, very simply, is the Jaguars.  They seem to be one of the most volatile teams in the NFL.  The same squad that beat the Colts were destroyed by the Chargers in San Diego and the Eagles at home.

The Chiefs need a bounce back win in a big way.  Not only to get their mojo back but because as ugly as the AFC West is right now, Kansas City can only get away with giving away games and keeping their lead for so long.  That, to me, will overwhelm whatever happens on Monday Night football and ultimately push the line up towards 6.

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