Chiefs Could Look At Toby Gerhart

One of the many things on the Kansas City Chiefs to-do list this offseason is to find a backup running back for Jamaal Charles.  According to’s Bill Williamson, Stanford’s Toby Gerhart could be that player.

The Heisman Trophy runner-up is a rugged, tough runner, who is a yardage eater. It wouldn’t be a shock if both San Diego and Kansas City considered adding the big back to their roster in the early rounds.

Gerhart said that he found it amusing that he is often compared to “quote white guys.”  He said he often hears that he reminds people of former NFL running backs John Riggins and Mike Alstott.  However, Gerhart said he has modeled his game after former NFL running backs Eddie George and Corey Dillon.

“I’m a physical runner, but I can give a little wiggle, too,” Gerhart said.  “I just want the opportunity to play in the NFL.”

There’s no doubt that is about to happen.

He is absolutely going to get a chance to carry the ball, I’m just not sure it will be with the Chiefs.

Sure, Gerhart would provide both “thunder” and “lightning” in one package, ending the debate about what kind of running back should play behind Charles.  But can Scott Pioli afford to use a pick in the first three rounds on a running back?  I don’t think he can and even though his draft stock is all over the place, my money is on Gerhart being taken at the end of the third round.

There are far too many positions of need greater than running back to spend one of their top picks on a backup.

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