Chiefs Decide On 2010 Captains

During his press conference today, Chiefs head coach Todd Haley announced which players will be representing Kansas City as their captains for the 2010 season.

“Brian Waters, Thomas Jones, Matt Cassel, Mike Vrabel, Jon McGraw, and I am going to designate a captain each week in addition.”

Haley also noted that those five were voted as the captains by their teammates and that the overall final tally impressed him the most.

“I am the only one that gets to see the votes but I was kind of encouraged by what I saw meaning that there are a lot more that get votes and that is good.”

The majority of the emails I receive these days involve Cassel and his apparent lack of ability.  A team making their starting quarterback a captain isn’t exactly a rarity and it doesn’t change how good or bad he will play.  But it would have said something about how he is perceived as a leader if he were left out.

What is great for the Chiefs going forward is that the other four are currently mentoring players that could eventually take their spot on the field.  Waters with rookie Jon Asamoah, Jones with Jamaal Charles, Vrabel with Andy Studebaker and McGraw with rookie Kendrick Lewis.

After a year and a half, if anyone still wonders exactly what type of players this regime is has eyes for just take a look at this list.

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