Donald Washington Isn’t Buying The Hype

A light at the end of the NFL Lockout tunnel?  Kansas City Chiefs DB Donald Washington isn’t so sure.  He told the JRich Report that despite the optimism he still worries that the situation might go south again.

“My gut, I’m still kind of nervous about it.  I feel like they’ve been saying “This is a big week.  This is a big week.  This is a big week” for the last three or four weeks.  Until something actually gets done I don’t think we can get too comfortable or put all our eggs in saying this things about to get done any day now.  I feel like every week they’ve been saying, “this is a big week,” and here we are 120 days into the lockout.”

There have been a lot of false starts with these negotiations, going all the way back to before the lockout.  Every time the two sides seem close, one or the other blows things up by moving the goal posts.

Hopefully Washington’s gut is wrong and this time next week the NFL owners are preparing to ratify the new CBA and the 2011 league year can finally start.


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