Chiefs Don’t Need Matt Cassel To Be Superman

For a quarterback leading a 3-1 team, Matt Cassel sure has taken quite a bit of heat this week.  Todd Haley has spent time over the past few days defending his offense and more specifically Cassel.  Haley said that despite their struggles in the air that the Chiefs will be able to lean on the passing game when necessary.

“I’ve seen enough from our group to think it will be there when needed.  Last week, you could make the argument it wasn’t.

“We’ve shown signs of being real good at times.  The second half of the Cleveland game; the entire San Francisco game, really, once we got a couple of series in.  There’s been other times due to circumstances that you could make an argument that we haven’t been good enough.”

Those circumstances Haley is talking about is Matt Cassel simply not being very good, though he refuses to say that.

There are 17 quarterbacks with at least 100 attempts that have completed over 60% of their passes.  Cassel, however, has yet to equal that number in any of his four starts, including the 31-10 victory over the 49ers.

I’m not saying Cassel needs to be Drew Brees.  There is a reason the league isn’t full of 70% passers, but is it too much to ask for him to at least be Seneca Wallace (63%, 4 TD, 2 INT)?

The pro Cassel emails I get, which are getting to be scarce, put all of the blame on Dwayne Bowe’s shoulders for the loss to Indianapolis.  Yes, that drop was huge, but even that “long” pass would have only been a 30 yard completion and shouldn’t blind you to one of the bigger problem’s in the Chiefs passing game.  Cassel’s long on the season was the gimmick reverse pass to Bowe and that was 45 yards.  Only two quarterbacks in that group of 17 have season longs less than Cassel: David Garrard and Alex Smith… Not exactly glowing company to be in.

With the Chiefs next five games coming against some of the poorest pass defenses in the league, there is no need for Cassel to be Superman… average will do just fine.

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