Kansas City Chiefs Select Shane Bannon, FB, Yale

With the 223rd pick in the 2011 NFL Draft, the Kansas City Chiefs selected FB Shane Bannon from Yale.

Scouts Inc. did not grade Bannon.

You can check out his school profile here.

If I told you that Scott Pioli drafted a running back that didn’t carry the ball once last season, would you believe me?

Even after working out for the Chiefs before the draft, Bannon wasn’t a name thrown around a lot (okay, ever) as a potential draft pick.  That’s not to say that Bannon can’t play the game or didn’t deserve to be taken, but it’s clear to see why on the surface a lot of people were scratching their head.

Look a little deeper and you will see why Pioli spent his last draft choice on the Ivy league fullback.

Without undrafted free agency (yet), the only way to guarantee a shot at Bannon is to draft him.  It also keeps his interests in football, because if you are Bannon and are ready to go to law school or get your masters, going undrafted gives you every reason to start the next phase of your life instead of waiting around hoping to get into a training camp.

There is a good chance that Bannon never makes his way to the Chiefs opening day roster and isn’t heard from in the NFL.  But as far as players worth rooting for, there aren’t a whole lot that jump ahead of Bannon.  Something tells me that he will be a fan favorite long before any of us ever see him put on a Kansas City jersey.

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