Michael Vick: I Don’t Think Their Scheme Was That Complicated


The Kansas City Chiefs defense made Thursday night miserable for Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick in a 26-16 loss. Even as he was putting up his career-long run, Vick was hit early and often by an attacking Chiefs unit.

Talking to reporters after the game, Vick said the Eagles turnovers didn’t have anything to do with the Chiefs doing anything unexpected.

“I don’t think their scheme was that complicated,” Vick said. “I don’t think they tried to do anything outside the box. They didn’t blitz, they just sat back and played the way they always played, the way we saw them play other teams on film. That was their scheme, and they did it well.”

When you have someone like Justin Houston constantly beating up on Vick, there’s no need to worry about blitzing from all over the field.

“They did a good job in coverage,” Vick said. “They’re a very smart defense, they knew exactly where their responsibilities were. Safeties were in Cover 3 and put themselves in position to make the plays that they were making.”

When all was said and done, the Chiefs ended up blitzing on only six of 37 drop backs and still sacked him six times. So if that ends up making the Kansas City defense a unit that isn’t “complicated”, I’ll take it.

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