Chiefs Fan Wins Big

After finishing 4-12, there will be no championship for the Chiefs this season.  But one lucky man had a bit more success than his favorite team.

A 36-year-old grocer and Kansas City Chiefs fans from Clyde, Kan., whose wife labeled fantasy football a “waste of time” and who admits “luck had more to do with it than anything,” won the top prize in USA TODAY and’s fantasy football contest: $250,000.

But there are no complaints from David Girard, who told USA TODAY he was nervous in Week 17.

“I couldn’t even watch the games,” but he did “break down” to see Tony Romo help carry him to victory.

Asked about spending a quarter of a million dollars, Girard said he had promised his wife bedroom furniture.

Upon further review: “I have four kids. … Most of it will go toward a college fund for them.”

From someone that’s happy to finally be done with student loans, trust me when I say you’ll need to get a great return on that 250k in order to pay for college!

Seriously though, I hope Chiefs players and fans both live a bit vicariously through David because we all need to remember what it feels like to win.  I wish I could say my fantasy teams allowed me to taste victory but I’m embarassed to report that in four leagues I failed to finish higher than 2nd in any of them.  Very disappointing.

Congratulations, David!

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