Jets Fan Reportedly Beaten By Chiefs Fans

Following the New York Jets beatdown of the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday, one of the hometown fans was allegedly beaten by a group of up to seven Chiefs “fans” in the MetLife Stadium parking lot.

23-year-old James Mohr suffered a fractured jaw, cheekbone, eye socket and has bleeding on the brain according to the New York Post.

Mohr’s sister told the paper the altercation started after a woman screamed “f**k New York” and made comments about the city deserving the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001.  It was those words that caught the ear of Mohr — the brother and son of firemen — who reportedly told the group they were being “disrespectful”.

One man has been arrested while the probe into the attack continues.

If you’ve ever been to any big time sporting event — college or pro — you know that violence between fans is all too common.  Just spend a few minutes on YouTube and you’ll find hundreds of fight videos taken in the stands.  In this case, I have trouble calling the alleged attackers “fans” of the Chiefs, because those sort of despicable people don’t deserve to represent the franchise in any way.

I was at MetLife stadium early on Sunday and watched both from the field as well as seats in the end zone.  When people asked about the back and forth between Jets and Chiefs fans, I specifically mentioned how things seemed to be unusually tame in the crowd.

Maybe it was because the game was a blowout early on, but I never heard anything beyond the normal ribbing you would normally get between fans of two teams.  The worst language I heard was directed at someone that decided it was a good idea to wear a Tom Brady jersey to the game.

Here’s hoping Mohr recovers from his injuries and the New Jersey police can get their hands on these idiots that give all football fans a bad name.


State Police Sgt. Brian Polite told the Associated Press that the incident “was not a Jets-Chiefs melee” and there was no indication the attackers were Chiefs fans.

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  1. It is a shame when a sporting event becomes the most important thing in ones life. These games are played by paid employees that have to do their job to maintain their employeement. Fans really have nothing at stake and only a moron believes otherwise.

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