Chiefs Follow The Lead Of Matt “Superman” Cassel

(photo via David Eulitt)

When Matt Cassel’s season is over — be it in two weeks or a month — no one is going to highlight Sunday’s statistics against the Rams as one of his better games.  However, if you talk to his teammates, Cassel was the driving force behind the Chiefs 27-13 victory by playing with such passion just 11 days after having an appendectomy.

“When you have your quarterback going to war for you like that it’s a great feeling,” S Kendrick Lewis said.  “He was into it and we just followed his lead and we embraced his return all together.”

“When he got that first down and got up and did the tomahawk, I was ready to get back on the field,” said DE Wallace Gilberry.  “We definitely feed off each other and he’s our emotional leader and he leads by example.  You have to respect that and then you want to go out, get a three-and-out, and put those guys back on the field.”

“Oooh he’s tough,” WR Chris Chambers said.  “He knew we needed him.  He just came through and responded and, man, that uplifted everybody.  You have a guy that gutsy, to come play like that after he’s in the hospital, it makes you want to make plays for him.”

Waters told him to take it easy, that “you don’t have to pull out an ‘S’ on your chest,” but at some point between Cassel scrambling for first downs and getting up from sacks and throwing long passes to Bowe, Waters started to reconsider.

“Turned out he was starting to look like Superman a little bit.”

If you didn’t see the game, it would be hard to imagine that a quarterback that only threw for 184 yards, 1 touchdown and 1 interception was the reason for his team’s success but that’s exactly what happened in St. Louis.  All you have to do is look at the look of defeat the players had last week in San Diego and compare that to what the Chiefs did against the Rams and there should be no question that Cassel is the heart of this team.

Now he could go out and throw up a stinker next weekend against the Titans and I’m sure my inbox would go back to being filled with emails wanting to throw Cassel out with the laundry.  For now, though, Cassel can do no wrong and if he wanted to he could be elected mayor of Kansas City this morning.

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