Chiefs Got It Right With Bill Muir

The Kansas City Chiefs have finally found their offensive coordinator in Bill Muir, but that doesn’t mean they have decided who will call the plays next season.

During a teleconference to introduce Muir, head coach Todd Haley was non-committal about just who will hold the play sheet.

“We’re going to continue discussions and we’re going to get that part of it right,” Haley said.  “That hasn’t been determined at this time.”

Muir was the offensive coordinator for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but didn’t handle the play calling.

“I have not been the direct signal caller,” Muir explained.  “Jon (Gruden) called the signals.  Basically we were in collaboration. I would say that most of the passing game was his and the running game was mine.  I know there’s a big hang-up about who calls the plays but basically the most important part is to get it right.”

The company line today was “getting it right” which sounds simple enough, but too often isn’t done.  Just two seasons ago Haley and the Chiefs got it terribly wrong when Chan Gailey was kept on staff through most of the preseason before being fired.  That decision left far too much on the rookie head coach’s plate as the offense struggled to gain any traction.

If there was ever the perfect candidate to be in charge of the offense while a much younger head coach called the plays, it’s Muir.  After all, he has been through this exact situation before in Tampa with Gruden and the Bucs.  All they did their first year together was win a Super Bowl championship.

Early on it sure looks like Haley and the Chiefs got it right.

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