Chiefs Great Bobby Bell Rooting For Garrett Brown

It’s not often you find one of your team’s all time great’s pulling for a specific player to make the team.  But that is exactly what Bobby Bell is doing with undrafted free agent Garrett Brown, reports the Pioneer Press.

Immediately after signing with the Kansas City Chiefs on Saturday, Gophers linebacker Garrett Brown texted former Gophers All-America defensive lineman Bobby Bell, the former Chiefs hall of famer who roots for him and will be with him at the Chiefs’ rookie dinner today in Kansas City.

What a thrill it must be like for Brown to be able to just dial up Bell whenever he wants.  Just an amazing resource for him to have as he tries to lock onto a roster spot throughout training camp.

Besides Brown, fifth round pick Cameron Sheffield should be in line to pick Bell’s brain tonight and whenever possible.  As a player attempting to transition from defensive end to outside linebacker, Bell can help show him how to turn that athleticism into success at LB.

Hopefully we’ll get some reports from the Chiefs rookie dinner, because you know Bell won’t be the only “name” in attendance.

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