Chiefs Have Good Showing For Players Meeting

On the eve of Brady V. NFL being heard in Minneapolis, the Kansas City Chiefs held a meeting in a downtown hotel that, according to the Star, was attended by 30 players including LB Derrick Johnson and S Jon McGraw.

“Mostly,” Johnson said, “I learned it’s important to be patient.”

“I’m a football player, so any chance to get back on the field, that’s what I want,” Johnson said.  “But we want to be able to play under a fair deal.

McGraw couldn’t say that mutual need would bring both sides together to reach a new collective bargaining agreement.

“I can only say I hope so,” McGraw said.  “Everyone is preparing for that and everyone is expecting it.  But I don’t think a lot of people thought things would get this far.  So I can’t say for certain there will be a season.  I can only say that we’re preparing for one and hoping there is one.”

It’s important that the Chiefs players get together, but I’d love to see more than a ballroom lockout update.  Philip Rivers is already leading workouts in San Diego, giving the Chargers a clear advantage over the rest of the AFC West.

Everyone is worried about injuries that occur during these independent sessions, but if so many Chiefs players are going to do their own football activities on their own, what’s the difference if you get injured in Florida or Kansas City?

We’d all like to see this lockout end sooner rather than later, however if that doesn’t happen here’s to hoping we see these 30 players (or more) getting together around town for some organized workouts.

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