A Crennel-McDaniels Tag Team In Kansas City?

Once the Kansas City Chiefs decided to fire head coach Todd Haley, the suggestions for his replacement have come from every corner of the NFL world.  It would be a big name like Bill Cowher or Jon Gruden or GM Scott Pioli’s friend Kirk Ferentz or even former Denver Broncos head coach Josh McDaniels.

After the dust settled, the focus was squarely on interim head coach Romeo Crennel.  The players liked him and he has the experience of being a head coach to help him navigate the landscape this time around.  The Chiefs went out in his season debut and handed the Green Bay Packers their first loss of the year, opening the door even wider for Crennel.

This week SI’s Don Banks presents a scenario bounced around by fans here and around Kansas City, removing “interim” from Crennel’s title while bringing in McDaniels to serve as offensive coordinator.

Pioli will then have made his own locker room very happy with the retention of the popular Crennel, who he likes and greatly respects, but also will have put in a place a succession plan with the arrival of McDaniels, who could use another couple seasons to let the radioactivity from his failed Denver head coaching tenure die down. Crennel is 64, and gives Pioli a trusted short-term coaching option. McDaniels is 35, and gives Pioli a trusted long-term coaching option.

Once he took over for Haley, we talked about Crennel being the league’s second oldest head coach in the NFL and how his age ultimately could work against him.  If Banks’ scenario plays out it would provide insurance against the age issue but would be bad news for Kansas City.

While Crennel isn’t the sexiest pick, he’s not the problem there, it’s McDaniels.  For some reason, this guy continues to be treated as if he’s something special.  After failing miserably in Denver, he went to the Rams and has done even less there, despite having a top shelf running back in Steven Jackson and a solid young QB in Sam Bradford.

I’ve heard all the excuses about injuries with the Rams, but what about the mess in Denver?  And if McDaniels was as good as some like to think he is, wouldn’t the boy genius be able to find a way to game plan around injuries?

No matter who Pioli ends up hiring as his next head coach, the franchise is in big trouble if McDaniels is anywhere near the coaching staff.

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