Chiefs Hold First Regular Season Practice; 4 Held Out

The Kansas City Chiefs held their first practice of the regular season on Monday and just like the end of the preseason were not able to get everyone on the field.  Josh Looney and Bob Gretz took note of the the players working in the rehab zone and a couple changes from the preseason.

On the sidelines were: OT Ryan O’Callaghan, OLB Cameron Sheffield, DE Alex Magee and practice-squad G Darryl Harris.

O’Callaghan and Sheffield were in t-shirts and shorts while Magee had a helmet on, but did not practice.  The rest of the squad wore full pads.

A few Chiefs have changed jersey numbers for the regular season.

WR Jeremy Horne will switch from #8 to #11.

NT Anthony Toribio will wear jersey #98.

Though both players are on injured reserve, WR Chandler Williams and RB Tervaris Johnson were both issued new jersey numbers as well.  Williams now owns #8 while Johnson will wear #38.

With the Chiefs in full “Charger mode” it’s more than a little worrisome that O’Callaghan is still unable to practice.  If he can’t get on the field over the next couple of days, there is no way the Chiefs don’t make a move for another player to help out at tackle.  If Richardson were to go down in Monday night’s game, you would be looking at Jon Asamoah or one of the centers trying to play right tackle and that’s not going to happen.  Keep your eyes squarely on the waiver wire this week, because the only player on the practice squad on the offensive line is Bobby Greenwood who is still learning how to play on that side of the ball.

Sheffield and Magee weren’t in a position to contribute much right out of the gate so their presence on the sidelines isn’t anything to worry about.  You want a full squad workout but the team can wait on those two to get back to 100%.

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