Chiefs In Danger Of Blackout

The Chiefs are on the verge of being blacked out, the team announced today.

3,500 tickets still need to be sold for the Kansas City Chiefs home game this weekend against the Buffalo Bills on December 13th to avoid a local television blackout.  It could represent the first Chiefs home game to be blacked out since December 16, 1990.  Since then, the team has sold enough tickets to lift the NFL’s local blackout for 155 consecutive games.

“This has unfortunately become a more common occurrence in several NFL cities this year,” said Chiefs COO Mark Donovan.  “The possibility of a blackout is caused by a combination of the current economic climate, inclement weather in December, a non-divisional opponent and our record.”

NFL teams must sell out games by 12:00 PM (Central) Thursday – or 12:00 PM (Central) Friday, if the NFL grants an extension – to avoid a local television blackout.

This is the third season I’ve heard people talking about blackouts and the team push available tickets plenty, but this is the first time I can remember the Chiefs specifically warning of a blackout.

It’s just so sad to see the once mighty Arrowhead Stadium be this close to being blacked out.  The economy absolutely is playing a part, but not nearly as much as the poor product the team has put on the field the past three years.

I was hoping the stadium would be packed last week for Derrick Thomas’ ceremony and there were still a ton of empty seats.  Hopefully fans step up to the plate this time around.

If you want to buy tickets, head over to Ticketmaster.

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