Remembering Joe Delaney

Lately we have heard a lot about the heroics of Kansas City Chiefs TE Leonard Pope.  While at a party, Pope — the only person there that could swim — jumped into a swimming pool to save a little boy from drowning after he slipped into the deep end.

The amazing bravery of Pope was reminiscent of Joe Delaney, the Chiefs RB gave his life while trying to save three children that were struggling to stay afloat in a pond at an amusement park in Monroe, Louisiana.  One of the children survived, but the other two and Delaney drowned.

Today, June 29, is the 28th anniversary of the promising player making the ultimate sacrifice in order to try and save the lives of others.  Delaney has been honored with a place in the Chiefs Hall of Fame as well as the Presidential Citizen’s Medal.

As we (rightfully) continue to recognize Pope for his selflessness, it’s important to take a moment and do the same for the amazing Delaney.

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