Chiefs Leave Colts Vice Chairman Bill Polian Baffled

There were a lot of Indianapolis Colts shaking their head following their collapse against the Kansas City Chiefs.  After being up 24-7 late in the first half, their defense allowed 21 unanswered points to let the Chiefs leave town with an improbable 28-24 victory.

None were as flustered as Colts Vice Chairman Bill Polian.  The man calling the shots has a weekly call-in radio show and had no answer for the Chiefs comeback.

“I’m baffled.  Truthfully, it’s hard to envision with the kind of people we have upfront that we can be this porous in the secondary,” Polian said.  “It’s a dilemma honestly.”

To tell you the truth, I’m just as confused as Polian.  Even with the the Chiefs putting seven points on the board right before halftime thanks to a 16-yard touchdown catch by Steve Breaston and Kanasas City getting the ball back, finding a way for the defense holding the fort seemed like a tall task.

How rare was the Chiefs effort on Sunday?  Adam Teicher had a telling stat on Monday morning: in the first 36 games with Todd Haley and Matt Cassel, the Chiefs had zero wins when trailing by more than seven points in the second half.


Think about that for a minute and you realize why this outcome was so hard to swallow for the team on the short end.  The Colts are used to winning — a lot — and even without Peyton Manning, they couldn’t have imagined they would be headed into the sixth week of the season without a win.

The Chiefs have sent the Colts reeling into a three-game road trip before they come back home just to have to deal with the Atlanta Falcons.  There might not be any more talk about Andrew Luck being a possibility for Kansas City, but the “Suck 4 Luck” movement is alive and well in Indianapolis.

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