Chiefs Light Years Ahead Of Last Season

We are a few short days away from the Kansas City Chiefs reporting to training camp.  As the Star reports, it’s no secret that things are much different as the team prepares for Todd Haley’s second season as head coach.

“I think it’s accurate to say we were scrambling at this time last year,” quarterback Matt Cassel said.  “You always hope the worst is over, but you never know what you have until you get into the season.  But I can say this: Where we are now, compared to where we were at this time last year, is night and day.”

Much was made about the Chiefs’ draft and the quality of character of Berry and the rest of their picks.  Overlooked was the fact that the rookie class shares another quality: They like to work at football as much as play it.

That’s an important quality to Haley and Pioli.  They weeded out players such as Johnson and Bernard Pollard, who they thought didn’t have it.

“You can definitely tell the environment has changed to where there’s more focus on the work we’re doing on the field and not any extracurriculars,” Waters said.  “Everyone is more secure in knowing what is expected of us and what our expectations are.”

Even the last few years knowing that the Chiefs would be lucky to win 5 games, the beginning of training camp always brought a special sort of excitement to the table.  Now that the team has a chance to show they are ready to take a big step forward, it’s hard to describe how pumped I am to see the players put the pads on.

With last year’s camp (and first half of the season) full of speed bumps, it will be a pleasure watching things unfold much more organically.  Sure, there will be your typical first round holdout, position battles and occasional practice tussle but it will be just that: typical.  Last year you had to search for anything typical about Haley’s first camp, giving the 2010 Chiefs a huge jump start.

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