Clash Of The General Managers

The Detroit Lions were found guilty of tampering and it ended up costing them one draft pick and swapping with the Chiefs in another round.  What is the old saying, let bygones be bygones?  Well that clearly doesn’t apply for Detroit Lions GM Martin Mayhew.

According to the Detroit News, Mayhew wanted nothing to do with his Kansas City counterpart Scott Pioli after the Lions dismantled the Chiefs 48-3.

The two men were headed towards the same elevator when Pioli called out to Mayhew and reached out to shake his hand.  The Lions GM shook his head and turned away from Pioli.

I understand being a little bitter about being one of the rare teams to be found guilty of tampering, but this seems like a bit much from Mayhew.  Not only did your team just destroy Pioli’s, but back in February he sure didn’t sound like someone that felt wronged.

“What you have to do is go back, kind of re-evaluate what you did, what you didn’t do, things you can do differently.  And then you have to move on,” Mayhew said after the ruling.  “You make a mental checklist of things not to do, a mental checklist of things to do and you move on.  So we’re moving on.”

By moving on, clearly Mayhew meant acting like a three year old.

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