Chiefs Look To Move On Quickly From Charlie Weis

The offseason has come earlier for the Kansas City Chiefs than anyone on the team would have liked, though we know that offensive coordinator Charlie Weis has had one foot out the door the last couple of weeks.  Now it looks like Todd Haley has found Weis’ replacement in Broncos OC Mike McCoy.

McCoy joined the Broncos in 2009 when Josh McDaniels was hired as head coach.  McDaniels handled play-calling but McCoy assumed those duties when McDaniels was fired on Dec. 6.  The playbook and terminology that was employed by McDaniels and McCoy is comparable to what the Chiefs have utilized since Todd Haley became coach in 2009.

Prior to joining the Broncos, the 38-year-old McCoy was hired in 2000 by the Carolina Panthers and served in a variety of offensive assistant posts, including quarterbacks coach and passing coordinator.

No matter who is elevated to the post, here is hoping that Haley handles the play calling with the offensive coordinator taking care of the day-to-day maintenance of the scheme.  It is important for Haley to be able to focus on all phases of the game — he has admitted as much — but he also can’t have another season yelling and screaming into his headset (when he has it on) when he disagrees with the play calling.

Having someone in the post of OC will still allow Haley the freedom to be involved with the defense and special teams during the week and the games while giving him full control over the offense which I think most of can agree he still needs.

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