Chiefs Looking To Move Down

According to NFP’s Michael Lombardi, Scott Pioli is looking to move back from the No. 5 selection in next week’s draft.

The Chiefs are trying, and I mean really trying, to move down.  My sources tell me they’ll be willing to go down as far as 15 for the right deal because they feel they can find a player in that range.  They want to move badly and might be able to if they can convince a team to move up and get ahead of Cleveland to acquire Clausen.  The reality for the Chiefs and the rest of the NFL is that Cleveland won’t pick Clausen.

It’s no shock that Kansas City is looking to trade down, especially after Pioli reportedly tried (unsuccessfully) to do the same this last year.  But like last year, it will be difficult to find a willing trade partner, unless as Lombardi notes there is a team that wants to jump up and select Clausen.

The one team that has the picks to make a trade work and could feel they are one impact player away from winning their division is the San Francisco 49ers.

A swap of the Chiefs first (No. 5 overall) and 2nd second round picks (No. 50) for the Niners two first round picks (13, 17) works according to the NFL Trade Value Chart.  San Francisco gets their impact player and the Chiefs go from having three picks in the top 50 to three in the top 36.

Moving back to the middle of the first round would allow Clark Hunt to avoid having to hand out a guaranteed $25 million contract and instead could spread that money over two players.

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