Chiefs Make Final Cuts (For Now)

The Kansas City Chiefs — along with every other team in the league — made their roster cuts to meet the league maximum of 53 players.  There were a couple of surprises on the list.

Of the 14 players cut, 6 were from the offensive side of the ball:

TE Tom Crabtree, G Darryl Harris, WR Taurus Johnson, WR Ashley Lelie, RB Javarris Williams and WR Rodney Wright.

Also from the offense, G Colin Brown was placed on IR.

The remaining cuts, from the defense, were:

CB Jackie Bates, DE Dion Gales, DE Bobby Greenwood, DT Derek Lokey, S Bernard Pollard, S Ricky Price and LB Zach Thomas.


I am 99% sure that these are not actually their “final” cuts, thus the oxymoronic title.  Not only has Todd  Haley been clear that the current Chiefs are competing against every player in the league, but also Kansas City sits third on the waiver wire so they will get most players they put claims on.

Pollard is obviously the name that jumps out.  He should have plenty of teams lining up for his services.  I’m really bummed, he’s a solid player.

The other cuts on defense were expected.  Once the retirement rumors started with Thomas you knew his time was up here.  I thought Lokey might get some run in the middle, but it looks like the team will go with just Edwards and Tyler and rotate in the ends on passing downs.

On offense, I really thought Lelie did enough to make the team.  The Chiefs are still in dire need of a burner that can hold onto the ball (meaning Quinten Lawrence doesn’t count).

Colin Brown wouldn’t get through waivers, so the Chiefs stash him on IR for the season…  Smart move by Scott Pioli.

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