Chiefs Movie Reviews Are In

Instead of practice this morning, the Chiefs players were treated to a day at the movies.  They were given their choice of movies and the reviews are in, courtesy of Josh Looney and Bob Gretz.

“I saw The Other Guys,” LB Derrick Johnson said.  “It was pretty funny.  I didn’t’ make it through the whole movie though.  I knew that I would fall asleep some time in there with the dark setting and comfortable seats.  I knew that I wouldn’t make it through.”

Sleeping seemed to be one of the common themes among players in the theatre.  Haley also chose to see Will Ferrell’s new movie.

“I could only hear portions of it because Shaun Smith was one row behind me snoring louder than I’ve ever heard a human being snore.” Haley said.

While it was a bit disappointing to hear that none of the players chose to see Eat Pray Love or Step Up 3D, punter Dustin Colquitt did hand out his widely respected movie critique of Dinner for Schmucks.

“It was a good movie; 3.5 stars out of 4,” Colquitt said.  “It was funny.”

“The Expendables” drew the biggest crowd of Chiefs.

“Good movie, lots of action,” DE Glenn Dorsey said, although he admitted falling asleep for part of the show.

Concessions were on the coach.  “I did remind them we have weigh-in later today,” Haley said.

I’m sure not all Chiefs fans are excited about a team playing so poorly over the weekend just to have them kick off the week with a trip to the movies.  Remember, they went out and hit the practice field yesterday and will have a big week of work ahead of them before they wrap things up in St. Joseph.

As a head coach, you have to give your guys a break every so often, something that Haley realized late last season.  I’ll take my chances with a team that knows their coach will take his foot off the gas pedal when needed instead of a guy that is grind, grind, grind all time time.

The bigger issue we should be concentrating on is which player opted for “Charlie St. Cloud”.  You know there was at least one in the group.

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