Chiefs Need To Run Away From Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning is going to move the ball on Sunday.

Probably a lot.

He has done it to the best defenses in the league over his career and he is already on pace for one of the best seasons of his career.  None of that means the Chiefs can’t beat the Colts in Indianapolis.  All they have to do (as if it’s this easy) is keep Manning on the sidelines by owning the time of possession.

That means a heavy dose of Thomas Jones and Jamaal Charles.  The key term there is “heavy”, as in 40 between the two.  To put that in perspective, the duo has yet to combine for more than 33 in a game and are averaging just under 29.

The Colts defense has been one of the worst in the league against stopping runs up the middle.  Don’t think that means the Chiefs will be pounding it between the tackles all day long.  Sure, Jones can grind it and Charles will take advantage on draws, but it’s a must for the Kansas City offense to let Charles use his speed on the outside.

Kansas City needs to run away from Manning for as long as they can on Sunday.  As we saw last week, that might not even be enough.  The Jaguars were able to put up 174 yards on 35 carries and still needed a 59-yard field goal in the final seconds to send Manning and his 352 yards home with a loss.

Todd Haley and his underdog undefeated Chiefs just might be able to walk into Indianapolis and steal a win.  They’ll just have to make sure they hit the ground running and don’t stop.

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