Chiefs Nemesis Jackson Could Return Sunday

After missing most of the season thanks to a holdout and league suspension, San Diego Chargers WR Vincent Jackson made his debut two weeks ago against the Indianapolis Colts.  Not surprisingly he hurt himself in that first game of the year and it kept him out last week against the Raiders.  According to the Union-Tribune, he could be on his way back… again.

“If I’m available and I’m healthy, of course, I’m gonna give it everything I’ve got,” Jackson said after practicing Thursday for the first time since injuring his right calf two plays into the Chargers Nov. 28 game at Indianapolis.

As late as Wednesday, the Chargers were of the mindset they would be without Jackson for yet another week.

Barring setback, Jackson said he’ll play.

“Hopefully, everything goes smoothly tomorrow,” he said, “and I’ll be good to go.”

I wouldn’t put much stock in Jackson having a huge game — if he plays — since he still wants to get paid and isn’t going to push himself if he thinks it might cause this injury to linger into the offseason.  Hard for him to get that big money contract without being 100%.

With that being said, Jackson has always enjoyed playing against the Chiefs.  Early last season he had a monster game in Kansas City where he was good for 142 yards on 5 catches.  That’s right, he averaged 28.4 yards per catch thanks to separate 51-yard receptions (which, somehow neither went for a touchdown).

The Chargers season is on the line, so if he sits out this one it’s hard to defend.

Say what you want about Philip Rivers (I certainly have) but there is little short of a broken leg that would keep him out of this game.  He has always played hurt and tried to put the Chargers on his back and I’m sure he would like to see the same out of his best wide receiver.

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