Chiefs Play Injury Report Game

The Kansas City Chiefs are ready to kick off the season as part of a Monday Night Football double header, but it appears they are playing some games early on.  On their injury report, the Chiefs listed WR Dexter McCluster as “doubtful” after he missed Friday night’s practice.  By league definition that means McCluster only has a 25% of chance of playing.

So that means he wasn’t out there again Saturday, right?  Not so fast, according to Bob Gretz.

WR Dexter McCluster (illness) and OLB Tamba Hali (foot) were dressed and taking part in practice Saturday inside Arrowhead Stadium.  Both missed Friday night’s practice.  The Chiefs have listed McCluster as doubtful and Hali as questionable for Monday night.

A red flag went up not only in Kansas City, but across the league when McCluster missed his first practice as a Chief and got the “doubtful” designation.  But all you have to do is look at tonight’s practice to know that McCluster will be there Monday night as if nothing was ever wrong.

Unless he was being treated at the hospital last night, there’s no way Todd Haley can defend saying that McCluster was doubtful.  It would appear on the surface that the Chiefs are just playing a little game of “guess who will be on the field” which the league is not a big fan of when dealing with the injury report.

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