Chiefs Players Love Aggressive Play Calls

On Sunday, the Kansas City Chiefs seemed to have a new surprise ready around every corner for the San Francisco 49ers.  The fans seemed surprised but as Kent Babb found out, the Chiefs players are pumped up about the aggressive play calling.

“You can see it in the linemen’s eyes and the running backs and everybody,” Cassel said  “They get energized, they get excited about being aggressive, about going for certain plays, making big plays downfield.

“It’s great.  And when it works, it’s awesome.”

“It’s a trust factor,” Waters said.  “Our coaching staff continues to grow that trust in us, and we continue to trust them.”

“We know what we have,” McCluster said.  “A lot of people don’t know, but in this circle, we know.”

Waters said there might be another hidden meaning in the aggressive nature of Sunday’s win: That the Chiefs have gotten better and deserve to be in the discussion of the NFL’s better teams.

Bad teams don’t win like the Chiefs won Sunday.  Bad teams don’t convert that many high-risk plays.  Bad teams don’t make it look this easy.

“It’s not by luck,” Waters said, “and it definitely ain’t something that you just pull out of your hat.”

Between back-to-back weeks of going for it on 4th down to the amazing Wildcat-turned-flea flicker, the Chiefs offense has proven they are starting to play to it’s strengths.

Grind the ball with Thomas Jones while utilizing the play making ability of Jamaal Charles and Dexter McCluster.  Having a reliable tight end that can go up and get the ball isn’t such a bad thing to have either.

Cassel shouldn’t try to carry the offense.  Just get the ball out quickly, accurately and into the hands of your playmakers.  When Dwayne Bowe is wide open in the end zone, get him the ball.  McCluster in the open field, hit him in stride.

It seems simple enough, right?  The undefeated Chiefs get to try their bag of tricks on the Colts in two weeks, but until then they are guaranteed to be in first place all alone atop the AFC West.

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