Chiefs Promote Bill Muir To Offensive Coordinator

The Kansas City Chiefs have finally found their offensive coordinator and it turns out they didn’t have to look very far.  The team announced on Thursday they are promoting offensive line coach Bill Muir, though he will continue to coach the line as well.

While a promotion from within will come as a surprise to some, it’s exactly how we pictured it after Charlie Weis departed for the University of Florida.  Back on the 17th of January, I wrote that Haley had the opportunity to correct his mistakes of the past with the offense.

This time around Haley can hire an offensive coordinator to work closely with Matt Cassel and manage all of the little things that come up on a day-to-day basis while he continues having a hand in all phases of the game.  Then come Sundays, Haley can call the plays until he feels comfortable handing those responsibilities over to his coordinator.

There are those that had these grand ideas about bringing in another big name and/or personality but those people never based their plan in reality.  Haley has shown at every opportunity that he wants the offense run a specific way and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.  The man was brought here because of his ability to craft an offensive game plan, so why not let him do that?

Promoting Muir is the perfect situation.  Haley trusts Muir enough to run things the way they need to be done.  This will allow Haley to rotate his time evenly throughout the week the way he did this season, but without the in-fighting that went on between the head coach and offensive coordinator.  Unlike his first year when Haley was worn way too thin, Muir maintaining the offense will keep Haley balanced.

The anti-Haley folks out there will destroy this move, but it’s the right decision for the head coach and the team.

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