Chiefs Represented On All-Texas Super Bowl Team

There’s no need to remind those of us that have only seen the Chiefs win a few playoff games in our lifetime that recent Super Bowl history has not included many Kansas City players.  However, those two early Super Bowl teams had a lot of talent — and apparently a good chuck of it from the Lone Star state — that made Ray Buck’s All-Texas Super Bowl Team.


WR Position overflow: Otis Taylor, Chiefs

OL E.J. Holub  You might know him better as an all-pro linebacker but E.J. actually played center in Super Bowl IV.

RB Position overflow: Warren McVea, Robert Holmes and Wendell Hayes.


LB Position overflow: Sherrill “Psycho” Headrick, was a fan favorite of the early Chiefs.

DB Emmitt Thomas: With 58 career interceptions, Thomas made the HOF 42 years after leaving Bishop College.

I realize it’s tough to read about the Chiefs lack of trips to the Super Bowl around this time of year (okay, it’s never easy) but I do enjoy anything that dives into the history of football in Kansas City.  When you’ve only seen three playoff victories and no trips to the Super Bowl, a reminder that it is possible can be helpful.

And hey, maybe Jamaal Charles will force a change or two to this list in a few years.  Dare to dream, right?

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