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Chiefs Rookies By The Numbers

Thanks to Josh Looney over at, we now know what numbers the newest members of the Kansas City Chiefs will be wearing.

#29 – Eric Berry

#22 – Dexter McCluster

#30 – Javier Arenas

#73 – Jon Asamoah

#81 – Tony Moeaki

#49 – Kendrick Lewis

#55 – Cameron Sheffield

#68 – Garrett Brown

#57 – Justin Cole

#89 – T.C. Drake

#69 – Tyler Eastman

#13 – Rich Gunnell

# 8 – Jeremy Horne-Murdock

#79 – Lemuel Jeanpierre

#93 – Michael Johnson

#35 – Tervaris Johnson

#74 – Nick Landry

#70 – Andrew Lewis

Jackie Bates will be switching from #22 to #41

I would love to know the back and forth — if there was any — between McCluster and Bates.  One is a lock not only for the final roster, but expected to be a significant contributor while the other will be fighting for a roster spot.

The other number that jumps out at me (and not for the seventh grade humor of it) is Eastman’s.  It will be odd to see the No. 69 jersey playing on the other side of the line.

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