Chiefs Rookies Talk The Talk

It’s hard to take much away from rookies running around in jerseys but as Bob Gretz notes, each of Kansas City’s draft picks certainly sound the part of “the right 53” early on.

All seven of the Chiefs draft choices spoke to the media for a few moments during the rookie camp, and all of them repeatedly used words like compete, opportunity, willing to contribute, do anything I’m asked.  It almost made you think they were scripted.

They weren’t.  Certainly they said things they knew the head coach and organization would like to hear.  But that would be the cynical outlook on their words.  Those that prefer a bit more optimism and hope should consider this: they were seven players from seven different college football programs but they all have the same goals and desires, and it would seem personalities.

They all took to heart one thing that Haley told them during their first meeting of the camp: you don’t know what you don’t know.  As Bill Parcells would say – and maybe Haley did too – you are rookies, act like it.

And they won over their head coach.

“I think these guys have a good energy about them,” Haley said Sunday afternoon as the players left Kansas City and headed home for two weeks.  “There are some good personalities in this group which is important – you’ve got to have some personality on teams and I would say I like that about these guys.  They’re fun; it’s nice, pleasant to be around these guys.

“I should say, it doesn’t appear too big right now for them, which is a good sign.”

It’s hard to miss that the Chiefs went with kids from big-time schools with 6 of their 7 picks in April’s draft.  Even though we don’t know how any of these players will adjust to playing at this level, it’s safe to assume the stage won’t be too big for them.  Even six of their UDFAs and a handful of their tryout players are from BCS conferences.

If you go back and look at the 2009 draft, Scott Pioli decided to use 3 of his 8 selections on players from small schools.  It shouldn’t be ignored that each of those three — Quinten Lawrence, Javarris Williams and Jake O’Connell — failed to make even the smallest impact on the team last year.

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