Chiefs See Joplin’s Road To Recovery A Long One

(photo via Andy Studebaker)

136 members of the Kansas City Chiefs made the trip to Joplin on Thursday to help with the tornado relief efforts.  LB Andy Studebaker told The Star’s Adam Teicher about how seeing the devastation up close tell the real story of just how much damage was done.

”It’s amazing down here for sure.  You see pictures but they don’t explain it.  Until you actually get here and see the devastation and the amount of loss the people here experienced . . . it’s devastating.  We just want to be a part of the restoration.

”One day isn’t going to fix it.  One group isn’t going to fix it.  Collectively, we need a lot of people locking arms and saying we’re going to own this community.  We’re going to lock arms with Joplin and we’re going to try to make a difference down here.  It’s going to take a lot of time and a lot of people but we can make this place better again.”

It really is astonishing to see these photos of destruction that goes on as far as you can see.  Great to see the Chiefs players, coaches and members of the front office come together to do their part in the recovery process.

Also great to hear Scott Pioli talk about the Hunt family’s long term commitment to help the people of Joplin.

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