Chiefs Should Do The Safety Dance

There is plenty of debate raging about what the Kansas City Chiefs should do with not only the No. 3 overall pick in the draft, but the rest of their seven selections as well.  There is no arguing that safety is one of the biggest positions of need for the Chiefs and that has led many to think Eric Berry will be the choice in the first round.  Bob Gretz takes that theory and adds an interesting twist.

With one of their selections in the second, third or fourth rounds, they need to draft Florida State safety Myron Rolle.

Two safeties?  Yeah, sounds kooky I know.  But let me tell you this.  After meeting and speaking with Berry and Rolle, I’m willing to roll the dice and say these two guys are locks to make it and make it big in the NFL.  Over the last four days, more than 100 players have been brought to meet with the media.  There have been some impressive young men, like QBs Tim Tebow, Sam Bradford and Colt McCoy.  Defensive tackles Ndamukong Suh and Gerald McCoy were outstanding.

But nobody left an impression on me more than Berry and Rolle.

They are physically gifted.  They are smart.  They project common sense and leadership skills.  They are tough.  Did I mention smart?  Remember, Rolle is a Rhodes Scholar who spent last fall at Oxford.

If Pioli/Haley would follow my plan, they could settle the safety position for the next decade, and do it with guys who can lift up the other nine guys on defense.  There would be more sacks, more interceptions and more fumbles caused.  The opponent’s running game would not blast the Chiefs defense the way the Titans did in ‘08 and the Browns did in ‘09.

I don’t know if these guys qualify under the “right 53″ but I bet they do.  They both love football.  It’s important to them.  They are dedicated, intelligent and very good players.  If that’s not the “right 53″ then there’s a problem with the criteria.

Very interesting idea and, as always, a great read from Gretz.

I’ve loved the idea of bringing Rolle in if his stock fell the way some people thought it might because of his year at Oxford.  While I’m not sure that the Chiefs will spend two of their first three picks on the same position, I’m completely on board with the plan.

I’m weary of taking someone like Dez Bryant in the top 3 due to the uncertainty of how his layoff will hurt his transition to the pro level.  There are the same concerns with Rolle, but without the risk of a $57 million contract.

Scott Pioli has talked about wanting smart football players and he’ll have a tough time finding any person smarter than Rolle in the entire draft class.

There, are however, questions about Rolle’s dedication to the game.

Remember, he does not need the game of football.  When his time in the NFL is over, Rolle will be going to medical school to be a neurosurgeon.  He is telling anyone that will listen that he plans on playing for a decade before continuing his journey towards becoming a doctor.  But the question of just how invested he is in the game will follow him right up through the draft.

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