Palko Will Start, But “Anything Is A Possibility”

There are plenty of words you can use to describe Todd Haley’s handling of the Kansas City Chiefs QB situation this week, sensible is not one of them.  After being awarded QB Kyle Orton off waivers last week from the Denver Broncos, it was somewhat understandable to keep him on the bench in favor of the struggling Tyler Palko.

However, once Palko put together such a poor performance against the Pittsburgh Steelers as a follow up to his equally miserable debut as Chiefs starter the week before, the one positive was he would never take another meaningful snap in a Kansas City uniform.

Or so we thought.

Haley has never wavered from Palko as his starting quarterback even while the two quarterbacks split snaps in practice, including during his final press conference before Sunday’s game against the Chicago Bears.

“Yea,” Haley said before the question about if Palko was still the starter was finished being asked.

The head coach continued to beat the drum about the team making sure Orton is “ready to play” but also stressed this wasn’t a “look over your shoulder situation” for Palko.

When you throw six interceptions and zero touchdowns in two weeks, you shouldn’t have to worry about looking over you shoulder only because you’re already on the bench.

Haley was sure to cover all his bases, likely in case Tyler Palko once again plays like Tyler Palko.

“I wouldn’t discount anything, I really wouldn’t.  When you’re in ‘do whatever it takes to win mode’, anything is a possibility.”

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