Chiefs Still Rebuilding Relationship With Kansas City

The Chiefs are currently one of only three undefeated teams in the NFL and with a bye they will stay that way for at least another week.  The team’s hot start has Kansas City buzzing after years of disappointment and Kent Babb has a great story in The Star about the relationship between the Chiefs and their city.  Hailing from Pittsburgh, Todd Haley knows all about how a team can influence a city.

“The team is the catalyst for making great strides,” he says.  “I know how it felt.  I know how I felt when the Steelers lost, the whole week.  It was the worst.  How quick could Sunday come?  School sucked.  Everything.  It sucked.  Sucked.  It wasn’t fun.  But when they won, man, what a great week.”

He admits that it’ll take time, and he’s aware that change comes slowly.  It took three years for Kansas City to get over the Chiefs; a reconciliation won’t happen overnight.

Waters says he understands that enthusiasm will be slow to rebuild.  He says he was surprised this past Sunday to look into the stands and see thousands of empty seats.

“Five years ago,” he says, “that stadium would have been just a sea of red, with people in the seats.  It’s getting back, but it’s not where it was.”

The economy hasn’t fully recovered, and people are more careful with their money.  Besides, who knows if the Chiefs’ fast start is a sign of future glory, or simply the latest cruel twist in these years of heartbreak?  Waters says he’s curious to see how Kansas City responds if the Chiefs continue winning — or if they lose a game or two.

“That’ll be a true test for everybody,” he says.  “For us and how we’re able to bounce back, and for our fans and community.

“As you continue to win, the doubts continue to go away.”

Who can’t relate to letting the Chiefs make or ruin your week before it even started depending on what they do on Sunday?  I’ll admit that during the tail end of the Herm Edwards era, I found the losses stinging less and less as they became more and more predictable.

It was that feeling of hopelessness that helped empty out Arrowhead and take away the aura it once held.  After seeing the building rock on MNF and to a lesser extent last week, it is on the way back.

The real test will be in three weeks when the Chiefs come back home to host the Jacksonville Jaguars.  No matter how well Kansas City it playing, odds aren’t good that they will go on the road and win against the Colts and Texans.  Will a split of those games — or losing both — push people away from making the trip out to Arrowhead to see the Chiefs take on a down Jaguars squad?

Both home games this year were better than anything we saw last season.  If the fans rock the house against Jacksonville with a loss or two on their record, it will be a great sign for the rest of the season.

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