Chiefs Swap Draft Picks With Tampering Lions

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell ruled on Friday that the Detroit Lions violated anti-tampering rules when they spoke publicly about wanting to sign players still under contract with the Kansas City Chiefs.  The league announced the punishment for the Lions, which includes the Chiefs improving their position in April’s draft.

  • The Lions will forfeit its seventh-round selection (acquired from the Denver Broncos) in the 2011 NFL Draft.
  • The Chiefs and Lions will switch fifth-round selections in the 2011 Draft. As a result, the Chiefs now own the ninth selection and Detroit the 23rd selection in the fifth round.
  • Either club may appeal the decision by advising Goodell in writing of its desire to do so by February 28.

Seems plenty fair for the Chiefs.  For their troubles, they basically get an extra pick because if they were going to trade from the end of the fifth up to the front, they would have surrendered an additional late round selection this year or next to get it done.

Expect the Lions to appeal and for the NFL to uphold the ruling.

A pick that late in the draft might not seem like a big deal, but remember that Scott Pioli found a starting safety — Kendrick Lewis — there last season.

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