Chiefs Taking It Slowly With Jared Gaither

The Kansas City Chiefs finally addressed their lack of depth at offensive tackle on Thursday when they signed free agent Jared Gaither.  Though he had previous said he wanted to stay on the left side of the line, the Chiefs didn’t comment where they planned on putting Gaither.

Head coach Todd Haley addressed the situation on Sunday saying the plan for the 25-year-old would start unfolding at his first practice later in the day.

“You’ll see him out there at tackle and I would say probably start at left and go from there.”

However, before expecting him to help out on either side of the the line, Gaither will need to catch his body up to his teammates.

“The number one deal for him is going to be the strength and conditioning aspect,” Haley said.  “He got a couple of good workouts over the weekend and we’re going to continue that.”

”First and foremost is trying to get him into a baseline physical condition that we feel like gives him a chance to succeed safely.”

Starting Gaither out on the left side will continue to stoke the move-Branden-Albert fire, but until he has shows that his body can handle a full training camp practice and the injured back is healed it’s premature to assume any one is moving.

It’s no small move to shift a guy from left tackle to right and will not be made until/unless the Chiefs are confident Gaither is healthy enough to stay in the lineup for the entire season.

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