Chiefs Team Speed Set To Be Tested

Scott Pioli and Todd Haley made no secret that they entered April’s draft looking to improve the Chiefs team speed.  Over the first three weeks of the season, that speed has been fully on display.  Today, Haley told the media that his squad would be faced with a Colts team full of speed in their own right.

“I’ve looked at enough to know that they are a fast, fast team across the board,” Haley said.  “They have great team speed and when they play at home that speed gets magnified even more by the turf, the environment and noise.  They are a fast team and I think that they are an even faster team at home.”

We are all going to hear this a lot over the next week and a half, but the Chiefs are going to get their biggest test of this young season in Indianapolis.  It’s not the be-all end-all, but it will be a great measuring stick.

Peyton Manning will get most of the attention — and rightfully so — but it’s the players he is throwing the ball to that the Chiefs defense will have to keep up with.  We’ll get to see just how quick the rookie safeties — Kendrick Lewis and Eric Berry — are not to mention the hobbled Javier Arenas at corner.

Arenas has struggled a bit in coverage, but he’s the fastest player in the secondary and if he’s anywhere near healthy he will see plenty of reps on defense as the Colts run their four and five wide receiver formations out on the field.

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