Chiefs To Leave NFL, Join Bean Bag League

After a long and successful run in the American Football and National Football Leagues, the Kansas City Chiefs will be leaving professional football.  Instead, they will become the latest member of the up and coming Competitive Bean Bag League.

Some might see the move as an extreme decision, but considering it was a game of bean bag playing that single-handedly lifted the Chiefs to a 28-24 victory over the Indianapolis Colts, it was actually a perfect fit.

Head coach Todd Haley, for one, knows it’s for the best.

“We’ve loved our time in the NFL,” Haley told a stunned batch of reporters outside of Arrowhead Stadium on Tuesday.  “But, again, when you see the sort of commitment we did with the bean bag game in the locker room, it was clear what we had to do as a franchise.”

Other than losing all of their fans, advertisers and overall revenue the Chiefs will also have to part ways with all but 10 of their players.

“Unfortunately, the CBBL roster limit will present some difficult cuts,” GM Scott Pioli said.  “When you are evaluating a tosser, do you take just the ones that have dominated in the locker room or mix in some developing guys we feel have that special something that doesn’t show up on the stat sheet?  These are the questions we will have to go over as a staff.”

The nature of the game – standing still while trying to toss a bean bag into a hole on a slightly elevated piece of wood — could allow the Chiefs to hold onto Eric Berry, Jamaal Charles and Tony Moeaki, who were kept off the field in the NFL due to knee injuries.

Just because all their stars are available, doesn’t mean there aren’t some dark horses that could grab one of the few roster spots.

“You mean I don’t have to move?!” exclaimed a suddenly excited Sabby Piscitelli as he missed a high five with Jon McGraw after the game was explained to him a fourth time.

You could also see big smiles on the faces of Barry Richardson and 335-pound rookie Jerrell Powe.

“I can hold the bean bag as long as I want without getting in trouble, right?” Richardson asked no one in particular.

There is no way to know how successful the Chiefs will be in the CBBL or how viable Kansas City is as a market, but the franchise is all-in with this move.

“We are here to stay,” owner Clark Hunt said in a press release. “This is a league we believe in and I have assured the owners around the league that we will gladly abide by the $4,500 weekly salary cap.”

So, Kansas City…  Are you ready for some bean bag tossing?

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