Berry, Charles and Moeaki Expected Back Friday

When the Kansas City Chiefs hit the practice field at training camp for the first time on Friday in St. Joseph, they are expected to have three of their most important players participating.

Eric Berry, Jamaal Charles and Tony Moeaki – all coming off knee surgery – should be with the rest of their teammates, according to GM Scott Pioli.

“Everything we’ve been led to believe is that the guys are going to be ready,” Pioli told The Star’s Adam Teicher. “Now, we’re going to have to see when they come in (Thursday) to take their physicals. They’ve been away for a while and they’ll come in to take their physicals and we’ll see how they are.”

After seeing those three go down early last year and watching the season quickly unravel, having them back in pads so quickly should be a huge boost to the confidence of this team right out of the gate.

Getting them back Friday, however, doesn’t mean you should expect to see them out on the field for every practice. Pioli was quick to point out the team would keep a close eye on Berry, Charles and Moeaki as their bodies readjust to the rigors of the NFL.

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