Chiefs Unlikely To Score Compensatory Picks

The NFL owners meetings are underway right now in Florida and soon we will learn which teams will receive compensatory draft picks based on their free agency losses in 2009.  Bob Gretz has a list of teams likely to pick up extra picks and Kansas City isn’t among them, though based on their past selections that might not be such a bad thing.

Expect Tennessee, Pittsburgh, Carolina and New England to receive the most choices.  If the Chiefs qualify, and it doesn’t appear on the surface that they do – it would likely be for nothing higher than a seventh-round choice.  But again, that’s just a guess.

Here’s a list of the previous compensatory picks the Chiefs have received over the years:

Year Round Pick Player Pos. College
2009 7 256 Ryan Succop K South Carolina
2005 3 99 Dustin Colquitt P Tennessee
2003 7 252 Willie Pile S Virginia Tech
2001 7 243 Terdell Sands DT Tenn.-Chattanooga
2000 5 162 Pat Dennis CB Louisiana-Monroe
1998 7 224 Ernest Blackwell FB Missouri
1997 6 195 Isaac Byrd WR Kansas
1996 7 245 Darrell Williams DB Tennessee State

Obviously Succop as “Mr. Irrelevant” and Colquitt jump out, but beyond that there’s nothing to get excited about on that list.  However, one — or six — failed late round pick doesn’t mean the next one won’t be as successful as Succop was last season.  With it looking more and more like the Chiefs current slate of picks ending after the 5th round, it would be nice to pick up a selection in the final two rounds without having to give up a future pick.

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