Browns Coach Asked About Brian Daboll’s Trick Plays, Doesn’t Respond With Laughter

Every week coaches are asked typical “how do you stop x, y and z” and they are more than happy to offer up answers about assignments, working hard and other vanilla responses.

Every so often a question is so ridiculous that you have to wonder how a coach doesn’t crack a smile and fire back with a belly-laugh-assisted “Are you serious?” A great example came Thursday when Cleveland Browns defensive coordinator Dick Jauron’s press conference opened with a gem about being prepared for Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator Brian Daboll’s trick plays.

To his credit, Jauron managed to respond without cracking up.

“You hope you’re prepared. It’s hard, he does a lot of very creative things on offense. We’ve certainly talked about it and will look at some of them, but you just don’t have time to prepare for every possible gadget play that people might run. Hopefully, like I said, we’ll be aware on Sunday. It’s hard, and they’re good. They do a nice job with it.”

And by “they do a nice job with it”, Jauron clearly meant “they’ve nearly mastered the Peyton Hillis to Brady Quinn connection”.

If you’ll remember, on the Chiefs opening drive two weeks ago against the Broncos, Kansas City got down to the Denver 16-yard line. On third and three, Daboll decided to put Hillis in the Wild Cat and had him start right before trying to throw across the field to Quinn.

Speaking of Quinn, Jauron isn’t focused on his lack of usable tape from his time in Cleveland, Denver or Kansas City. Instead, the tape he’s using to prepare for Sunday is last week’s win over the Carolina Panthers

“He played extremely well for them a week ago and that’s what we look at. We’ll spend most of our time on their recent game.”

One player the Browns do have to account for is Jamaal Charles coming out of the backfield. Jauron knows his defense is one small mistake away from giving up six every time Charles touches the ball.

“He’s a great runner in everything. In the zone scheme, he’s got the ability to stretch the defense and then put that one foot in the ground and make the cut. He’s got the speed to go the distance. He’s a big threat anytime in the course of the football game.”

The discussion about Charles is where reporters should have brought up Daboll’s trick plays. Because he somehow tricks head coach Romeo Crennel into completely ignoring his best player in the passing game (zero catches in two of the last four games).

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