Kansas City Chiefs Are Unfamiliar Road Favorites


The Kansas City Chiefs have been working overtime to move on from the stink of the last couple seasons and it will start this weekend with them being in a very unique position: road favorites.

As Andy Reid gets ready to make his regular season debut as head coach, his Chiefs are favored by 3.5 points over the Jacksonville Jaguars. Unless something significant happens with either of these tames, I wouldn’t expect that number to move much between now and kickoff.

That means the Chiefs will take the field as favorites to kick off the 2013 season. That is one thing this franchise hasn’t experienced in quite some time.

It’s not a surprise the Chiefs would go the entire 2-14 season without being favored on the road. But certainly there was a week in 2011 when the defending AFC West champions walked into an opponent’s building as the favorite, right?


You have to go all the way back to Week 12 of 2010 to find a time the Chiefs traveled without being the underdog. That game on November 28 was against the Seattle Seahawks and Kansas City got a whopping one point heading into that matchup.

Looking at the 2013 schedule, there are at least four road games on the schedule the Chiefs will have a good chance to be road favorites again. Meaning we shouldn’t have to wait nearly three years for this to happen again!

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